My name is Karl Giesing, and I’m a codeaholic.

On this blog, you’ll find whatever meager bits of Computer Science knowledge I managed to cobble together. My main areas of “expertise” are PHP, C++, Java, and Android programming. I also know a thing or two about JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, though you wouldn’t know it from this site (you can only do so much with a free WordPress blog). I hated, hated, hated learning Scheme.

I am the author of the Discogs modules for the Drupal CMS. The irony of saying this on a WordPress blog does not escape me.

I live in the Boston area, and am currently studying for a BS in Computer Science at UMass Boston. I graduated with honors with an AS in Computer Science (Transfer Option) from BHCC, acquiring a certificate in OOP along the way. My last job was doing Android programming and sound design/composition for a startup company called EyeNetra. If you ever take an eye test and are annoyed by the background music, you know who to blame.

Speaking of music, I also perform experimental noise music and power electronics under the pseudonym Karlheinz. Try not to hold it against me.


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