Obligatory welcome post

Welcome to my new WordPress blog. Come in and stay a while.

My apologies about the mess. I’m using a free WordPress blog, and that limits me to very few WP themes, all of which are only minimally customizable.

Those who know me will ask why I’m even creating a free site on WordPress, and not using my perfectly good Karlheinz site that I pay good money for. There are two reasons. First, this site is dedicated to my slim knowledge of computer science, which is not very interesting to anyone who is not a computer scientist. Second, I also need a site that is suitable for showing to prospective employers, as well as other students, and that Karlheinz guy is kind of a dick.

One or two of these posts are taken from my Digication page, which I set up while I was a peer mentor at BHCC. Unsurprisingly, they cover some pretty basic stuff (and I will tag them accordingly). As time goes by, I’ll be adding some other posts that will hopefully be a little more relevant to someone who isn’t a first-year CS student. (That will happen as soon as I learn something that is relevant to anyone who isn’t a first-year CS student.)

Many of those posts are too basic for this site, so they are going to remain on Digication.


About Karl

I live in the Boston area, and am currently studying for a BS in Computer Science at UMass Boston. I graduated with honors with an AS in Computer Science (Transfer Option) from BHCC, acquiring a certificate in OOP along the way. I also perform experimental electronic music as Karlheinz.
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